Gossypia Gift Guide

The 2016 Gossypia Gift Guide
Great Gifts Under $100!

Still looking for the perfect holiday gift? At Gossypia, we’ve created a 2016 Holiday Gift Guide to help you find the perfect gift for your loved one in Old Town Alexandria. Here are some of our favorites this year:

3fced544-08e9-47ca-a4ce-0583e713a7c7This beautifully made top from Toofan is the perfect pick for holiday parties.


These socks from Ozone and all wool Nusatara scarf make wonderful gifts on their own, but look even better as a set!
$19.99 (socks) and $38.00 (scarf)


These cozy knit hats from Shirleah make a fashionable and  affordable gift for braving the winter cold. 


Available in a variety of designs and colors, these FireFly earrings are the perfect gift! 
Prices vary. Earrings shown are $56-$64. 


A very popular choice for our customers, these fashionable (and sturdy!) Urban Oxide purses are the perfect gift for the woman on your list who’s always on the move and in need of a great purse that can keep up!


These beautiful handmade earrings from Ayala Bar make the perfect gift, with different designs to match all styles.
Prices vary by design. $60-$200


A stylish coat by Avalin will keep your loved one warm throughout the winter.


From our extensive collection of handmade gifts, this mirror from Peru is both unique and beautiful.


These cozy fingerless gloves are perfect for the texter on your list!

img_8152This plush nativity set makes a fantastic gift for children, and is one of our most popular sets!

Didn’t find the gift you’re looking for on this list? Visit us for more great gift ideas! Gossypia is located at 325 Cameron Street in Old Town Alexandria, VA.

Nativity Sets: The Story Behind the Perfect Christmas Gift!


For many, December means a time of giving gifts, decorating homes for the holidays, and celebrating with loved ones. At Gossypia, one of our favorite traditions is to decorate our homes by putting up our nativity sets in the weeks leading up to the holidays. Nativity sets make a great gift for those celebrating Christmas, and are the perfect way to make a home feel ready for Christmastime.


Nativity sets as we know them today are based on a tradition originated by St. Francis of Assisi in the 13th century. After visiting the birthplace of Jesus in Bethlehem, St. Francis felt awestruck and inspired. He wanted to bring these same feelings to the people of Italy at Christmastime, in order to place an emphasis on the celebration of the birth of Jesus as the origin for the holiday. He conceived the idea of a live nativity in order to recreate the nativity scene, using real humans and animals as the participants, and his nativity scene was blessed by the pope. Similar displays became popular throughout European churches, and the humans and animals were soon replaced by statues. In the 18th century, King Charles III began collecting the increasingly elaborate Nativity scenes, and others soon did the same.


Today, nativity sets are used in homes, churches, and other locations to celebrate the birth of Jesus at Christmastime. At Gossypia, we feature a collection of nativity sets from around the world, with many priced below $100. Nativity sets would make a perfect gift at Christmastime, and would also make a wonderful addition to any household decorated for Christmas!