When customers ask for versatile jewelry that can make an outfit truly shine, our go-to is to recommend a piece of turquoise from Gossypia’s selection.

Tur2016-04-12 09.50.17 1.jpgquoise has an incredible history which spans across many cultures as the semi-precious stone of choice, believed by some cultures to even have supernatural powers.

The principle areas where turquoise has historically been found are Persia (modern-day Iran), Mexico, the southwestern United States, and China. While the color “turquoise” has become synonymous with the hue of this stone, the color of turquoise stones can actually vary greatly from region to region. It varies from a very pale blue hue in Persia, to the deep green and bright familiar turquoise color in the U.S. and Mexico. The U.S. variation of turquoise is well known for its black veins, known as “matrix”, on the stones.

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The Aztecs are perhaps the culture that is best known for transforming turquoise into their elaborate jewelry, and the Toltec people before them. It was used by priests in Aztec ceremonies and worn by royalty. Present-day Mexico carries on the tradition as one of the most popular makers of exquisite turquoise jewelry, typically paired with sterling silver.

We have stunning samples of sterling silver and turquoise jewelry available at Gossypia, created by upscale jewelry designer Federico. Federico is a Zapotec artist from Oaxaca, who now designs his beautiful turquoise jewelry in the western United States.

In addition to the pieces by Federico, we have a stunning selection of authentic Native American turquoise jewelry, such as those designed and made at the Santo Domingo Pueblo. We also have a large selection of turquoise earrings, bracelets, and necklaces from around the world.